A Passport, A Camera, and Lots of Fresh Batteries

Students in the SOJC are honing the craft of multimedia journalism by reporting from such far-flung places as Cuba, Nepal, Ghana, and Alaska. A professor explains what makes these trips such rich opportunities for learning.

Spring 2016 cover


Scientists at the University of Oregon are studying the microbial clouds that surround us, hoping to unlock the secrets they hold about human health.

A new book by technology writer John Markoff looks at the rise of artificial intelligence and ponders the ever-thinner line between humans and machines.

UO anthropologist Lynn Stephen works to provide expert testimony for victims of violence, extortion, and torture in the refugee camps of Guatemala. 

UO geologist Gregory Retallak co-authored a study that explores the relationship between the acidity of soil and the taste of wine.

Should your car make life or death decisions? Psychology professor Azim Shariff tests people's willingness to buy “autonomous vehicles" that operate without driver assistance.