Julia Olson and Kelsey Juliana

Natural Law

Does the public trust doctrine that protects air, water, and endangered species apply to climate? We’re going to find out.

OQ Cover Autumn 2014


A long-awaited renovation will link the best of the “old” EMU with a new design that reflects current and future students’ values and priorities. 

What have these tough economic times taught about finding a balance between family and work? A student reflects on her father's work in the Alaskan oil fields during the recession of the mid 2000s.

UO researchers use molecular methods—like those used by crime-scene investigators—to merge anthropology and biology and explore far-reaching questions.

Two UO MBA students founded Craftport, which helps local businesses expand their market to South America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Students and faculty are trending toward technology at the School of Music and Dance.

Ducks Afield

Duck Wedding