The Search Is On

One of the best things about editing a university magazine is discover- ing amazing new things about the institution. A research center that produces great work but gets little publicity. An unheralded office that provides essential services for a segment of the student population. A Duck whose life story is particularly compelling. These jewels abound at the UO, and hunting for them is one of the great joys of working on Oregon Quarterly.

Indeed, there are so many hidden treasures here that we have decided to dedicate a whole issue of the magazine to shining some light on a few of them.

Senior writer and editor Rosemary Camozzi’s feature, “Hidden Gems”, highlights a handful of the amazing artifacts held in the library’s special collections—a mother lode of fascination and inquiry that is a boon not just for our own researchers but also for scholars from across the country and around the world. Lewis Taylor offers a peek into Eugene’s technology sector to reveal the university’s influence on this burgeoning community (that seems to be hidden in plain sight) in “Hot Spot”. And in “At Ease”, Sharleen Nelson tells the story of how the UO assists students who have served this country as members of the military, and helps ease their transition to college.

These stories remind us that if we ever think we know all this great university has to offer, just take a look around the next corner. There’s probably a great story just waiting to be told. 


Enjoy the bounty, 

graham signiture

Jonathan Graham

Note: As we were finishing this issue, Jonathan Graham left the UO to become associate vice president for communications and marketing at Earlham College in Indiana. While we search for his permanent replacement, the magazine is in the extremely capable hands of Rosemary Camozzi, senior writer and editor. 

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Alumnus Edgardo Simone is a successful composer and orchestrator of Hollywood blockbusters, including the Spider-Man and Men in Black franchises