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In Nancie Peacocke Fadeley’s first term in the Oregon House of Representatives, she cast her vote in favor of Oregon’s historic bottle bill—the first in the nation to require a five-cent deposit on cans and bottles.

The instant he spotted her across a crowded EMU Fishbowl, Khalid Al Suhaimi wanted to know everything about Jane Goodwin, a petite, graceful Oregonian who, that day, went on her way unaware of his existence. That would change, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

In 1951, while living in Belgium, my birthplace, I was accepted into the US-sponsored Fulbright Scholar Program and was assigned to study at the University of Oregon in a town called Eugene. But “Where is that?” I asked myself.

When members of the McKenzie Flyfishers met last fall in Eugene to bestow the first Glen Love Lifetime Contribution Award to Glen Love himself, many of those in attendance knew the recipient simply as that tall fellow in the plaid shirt and tortoise-shell glasses with the bemused expression and t

Ming Canaday, BA ’13, was only three or four years old when her biological parents abandoned her on the streets of Chenzhou, China. Afflicted with polio and scoliosis, unable to walk, and barely able to fend for herself, she was utterly alone in a city of 4.5 million.

If Darron Welch had followed in his parents’ footsteps, he might have been a musician instead of the award-winning master brewer at Pelican Brewing Company, based on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon. His mother is a singer and pianist, and his father a multitalented band teacher.

Three 2016 grads, who all received support from scholarships, share their stories of college and beyond.

This is a story about how a small group of enthusiasts persuaded the University of Oregon administration to establish competitive skiing as a varsity sport.

If you know anyone who belongs to a union or who has sought remedy for a personal injury through the courts, they’re benefitting from the legacy of University of Oregon graduate James Landye.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
—Lao Tzu


Students in the Science & Memory program use multimedia storytelling techniques to turn the science of climate change into compelling narratives

A website called the Lyon Archive explores A.S. Lyon's life charted by students contributing to the digital archive

Sapeurs devote their lives to staying on the cutting edge of fashion