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A UO team's implant that may restore vision loss caused by retinal diseases.


Frustrated by poor student performance in introductory courses they were teaching, University of Oregon physics professors James Schombert and Stephen Hsu wondered if they were missing something in the acronym-driven numbers game—GPA, SAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT—that dominates the college admissions proc

A UO physicist becomes a key player in a multi-million dollar drama about paintings.

Associate Professor of Physics
Director, Oregon Center for Optics 

Researchers discover ants do work suited to their changing abilities.

Range-riding shepherd turned astrophysicist

Two talented math minds at UO tackle an abstract concept in "representation theory"

UO graduate student Hilarie Sorensen witnessed an emerging phenomenon along the Pacific Northwest coastline.

Early-warning systems give communities critical seconds or minutes before a quake hits