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In 1948, six-year-old Hurtis Hadley was flying a kite on Memorial Day weekend when the water came and submerged his town of Vanport.

With compassion and sensitivity, he tells the stories of the oppressed and the forgotten. He has reported on the drug wars in Mexico, an epidemic of kidnappings in Sao Paulo, and the escalating chaos in Iraq.

It’s no surprise that people pay attention when UO alum Mike Jones ’97 talks—he’s the president of MySpace, an online social networking site with 120 million users worldwide.

Students in the SOJC are honing the craft of multimedia journalism by reporting from such far-flung places as Cuba, Nepal, Ghana, and Alaska. A professor explains what makes these trips such rich opportunities for learning.

Somewhere around 370 bc, in Plato’s Phaedrus, Socrates told a story about the Egyptian gods Theuth and Thamus, who were debating the value of Theuth’s invention of writing. Theuth said that writing would make Egyptians wiser, but Thamus disagreed.

How an Emerald editor's gutsy decision to protect her sources frustrated authorities, rallied journalists, and helped change the law.

Students in the Science & Memory program use multimedia storytelling techniques to turn the science of climate change into compelling narratives

A website called the Lyon Archive explores A.S. Lyon's life charted by students contributing to the digital archive

Sapeurs devote their lives to staying on the cutting edge of fashion