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Excerpted from Between the World and Me, visit

In this excerpt from Teacher: Two Years in the Mississippi Delta (University Press of Mississippi, 2016), English instructor Mike Copperman, MFA ’06, looks back at some of the Mississippi Delta kids who fell under the radar in his fourth grade classroom.

While lots of corporations pursue profits with a Gordon Gekko-like focus, many thriving Northwest companies also include social and environmental responsibility when calculating their bottom line

With their permanent body-changing effect, tattoos are a uniquely powerful way to remember and commemorate. Here, Catherine Ryan '06 writes about an especially meaningful tattoo.

In her late fifties, Evelyn Searle Hess '66, MS '86, walked away from the world of modern conveniences to build a new life with her husband on twenty acres of wild land in the foothills of Oregon

"The only music I can compose is that of little things," once observed Giacomo Puccini, the man behind the operas La Boh'me, Tosca, and Madama Butterfly.

Surviving your parent's death can have many challenges—dealing with difficult emotions, the details and paperwork, and, sometimes, unexpected discoveries about someone you thought you knew.

After winning a Pulitzer Prize for their reporting on the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, husband and wife journalists Nicholas Kristof (a Yamhill native) and Sheryl WuDunn turned their attention

In 2008 Jere Van Dyk '68 crossed into the dangerous tribal areas on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, penetrating a no man's land where Western journalists hadn't ventured for years.


Two talented math minds at UO tackle an abstract concept in "representation theory"

UO graduate student Hilarie Sorensen witnessed an emerging phenomenon along the Pacific Northwest coastline.

Early-warning systems give communities critical seconds or minutes before a quake hits