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“¡Hola! ¿Cómo fue su fin de semana?” Another Monday morning Spanish class begins. Some students are alert, ready to start. Others straggle in late, excuses tumbling from their mouths. A few students are reticent to engage, even though it’s the sixth week of class.

In June 1967, I was 17 and the lead singer in the Seeds of Doubt, a central Illinois teen band. A bunch of us rock-and-rollers gathered at a quiet farmhouse outside town to listen to the Beatles’ Sgt.

This is a story about how a small group of enthusiasts persuaded the University of Oregon administration to establish competitive skiing as a varsity sport.

Even now, the smell of fresh sage brings back memories of collecting fossils at Cant Ranch (now part of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument) with my father when I was a young boy.

In 1953, the Oregon State Beavers debuted a new football facility, Parker Stadium, and just a few years later, in 1956, the Beavs reached the Rose Bowl.

It is spring 1972.

I am a senior at the University of Oregon.

I am pedaling my black Schwinn, as fast as I can, to my Radio and TV Writing class. The clock is ticking. And I am running late.

“Why Burns?” friends will ask.

“Good evening,” the police officer said in flawless English. “We’re conducting random searches due to an increase in criminal activity. Please give us your backpack and place your hands on the wall.”

On the northern Oregon coast, Tillamook Spit is long and brush-covered, storm-blasted in the winter. A constant wind turns the waves white with spindrift. Seagulls hang level, not needing to flap their wings to stay aloft. Driftwood lies in frozen forms like an accidental still-life. 


Students in the Science & Memory program use multimedia storytelling techniques to turn the science of climate change into compelling narratives

A website called the Lyon Archive explores A.S. Lyon's life charted by students contributing to the digital archive

Sapeurs devote their lives to staying on the cutting edge of fashion