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In a sunny room in Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, located in Portland’s Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), a two-year-old girl and her mother are enjoying an art group.

Former Seattle Times and Los Angeles Times correspondent Alex Tizon is used to telling other people’s stories. With the publication of his memoir, the University of Oregon journalism professor became the story.

The development of an opera by Ethan Gans-Morse, MMus ’13, provides a template for how new works can be created for a 400-year-old art form.

Oregon-based forestry expert Darin Stringer BS ’93 is helping bring forests back to the rocky soils of Lebanon.

Before the 1963 civil rights march on Washington, volunteers at a New York church made 80,000 cheese sandwiches to bring to the protesters.

We may not talk much about it, but most of us know how it feels to be graced by an unexpected kindness. A schoolmate we barely knew shielded us from a bully. A stranger helped us out of a predicament. A partner who could have been angry at our bungling chose to be loving instead.

Watch the TED Talk here.

Kare Anderson '71 has a seemingly paradoxical relationship with first-person pronouns.

A mob of reporters surrounds a dreadlocked athlete, his face smudged with eye black, fresh from the field. They jostle for position, shoving their microphones in his face and shouting increasingly hostile questions, to which he calmly responds.

On a two-lane highway in Afghanistan, a 1970s-era Volkswagen van cruises down the road. Several ancient, clunky wheelchairs are strapped to the roof. Inside are five disabled villagers from the rural town of Maimana, a driver, and Jess Markt '00.

Lane County's beloved mountain, with its network of hiking trails, is now the centerpiece of a major conservation area.


What can tunes and the tasty treats tell us about making good experiences better?

Thousands of Velella velella, jellyfish relatives, washed ashore on Oregon beaches in April, and now are littering beaches in New Zealand.

Alumnus Edgardo Simone is a successful composer and orchestrator of Hollywood blockbusters, including the Spider-Man and Men in Black franchises