Lute Jerstad

In 1963, 18 American mountaineers embarked on the ultimate climbing challenge, summiting Mount Everest. Five Americans and one Sherpa made their way to the top, including Luther Jerstad, PhD '66.

Neglected in life, in death "The Mighty Tusko" teaches lessons both social and evolutionary.

Lane County's beloved mountain, with its network of hiking trails, is now the centerpiece of a major conservation area.

Highlights of a decade-long wave of construction that has changed the UO campus landscape.

For the university's first Mitchell Scholar, her journey across the globe began in a classroom at a maximum-security prison.

The films of James Blue '53 were lauded at Cannes and nominated for an Oscar, but unknown in the United States until a few admirers at the UO helped raise them from obscurity.

In an excerpt of March 1939: Before the Madness, Terry Frei explores the roots of the Ducks basketball team.