Stamps scholars

The first cohort of Stamps scholars graduates, and the prestigious program doubles its UO commitment to include five scholarships for
out-of-state freshmen. 

UO scientists are among the millions anticipating this summer's low-light highlight August 21

Kevin Frazier

Kevin Frazier is realizing his vision for Portland children to discover the wonders of their home state


In June 1967, I was 17 and the lead singer in the Seeds of Doubt, a central Illinois teen band. A bunch of us rock-and-rollers gathered at a quiet farmhouse outside town to listen to the Beatles’ Sgt.

Students devote their spring break to building stoves and bettering lives

As a college student, people advise me pretty regularly, “You should work in something you care about.” “Make sure your work is important to you.” “Be sure that you’re excited to go to your job.”

What can tunes and the tasty treats tell us about making good experiences better?

Thousands of Velella velella, jellyfish relatives, washed ashore on Oregon beaches in April, and now are littering beaches in New Zealand.

Alumnus Edgardo Simone is a successful composer and orchestrator of Hollywood blockbusters, including the Spider-Man and Men in Black franchises