Among the newest books by Duck authors are new  works of fiction, history, humor, and advice on the opportunity for growth that climate change provides.

Shoe Dog Phil Knight
Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

(Scribner, 2016)
By Phil Knight

This is the story of the founding and building of one of the most successful brands in the world. The book will be of particular interest to readers who are interested in entrepreneurship and the challenges of starting and growing a business. One reviewer describes it as a “touching, highly entertaining adventure odyssey with much to teach about innovation and creativity.”

Transformational Resilience
Transformational Resilience

(Greenleaf Publishing, 2016)
By Bob Doppelt

Climate change could be an opportunity to learn, grow, and even flourish. So argues Doppelt, an adjunct professor at the UO, in this new book. Doppelt urges us to look for ways to become more resilient in our responses to the traumatic effects of climate disruption so that we can avoid reactions that damage ourselves and our society and instead find new meaning, direction, and hope in life.

Rebellion Murder and a Pulitzer
Rebellion, Murder and a Pulitzer Prize

(Groundwaters Publishing, 2015)
By Joe R. Blakely

Written by a former employee of the public safety office at the UO, this chronicles the murder trial of Llewellyn Banks. A wealthy orchardist and newspaper publisher from Medford, Banks was also one of the leaders of an effort to overthrow the government of Jackson County. The book includes portions of the trial transcript and analysis by newspaper reporters of the day.

Last Words of the Holy Ghost
Last Words of the Holy Ghost

(University of North Texas Press, 2015)
By Matt Cashion, MFA ’96

Winner of the Katherine Ann Porter Prize in Short Fiction, Kirkus Reviews describes the book as “a dozen colorful short stories set in the heart of darkness that is rural America … The real gift of these stories is that they center on some absurdity but never really make fun of the people they’re portraying … A sublime collection that uses compassion and subtle humor to capture heavy moments in lives lived on the margins.”

To Understand poetry
To Understand: New and Selected Poems, 1981-2015

(Turkey Buzzard Press, 2015)
By Phil Woods, MFA ’83

Woods—who has published 10 books, performed his poems with the Free Radical Railroad, and collaborated extensively with the Romero Theatre Troupe—combines a political sensibility with a zest for language in this expansive collection. As one observer notes, his work contains, “… passion, grief, heart, and that most dangerous substance, hope.”

What can tunes and the tasty treats tell us about making good experiences better?

Thousands of Velella velella, jellyfish relatives, washed ashore on Oregon beaches in April, and now are littering beaches in New Zealand.

Alumnus Edgardo Simone is a successful composer and orchestrator of Hollywood blockbusters, including the Spider-Man and Men in Black franchises