Internet Trolls book
This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Mapping the Relationship between Online Trolling and Mainstream Culture

(The MIT Press, 2015)
By Whitney Phillips, PhD ’12

In a study that began as her doctoral dissertation in English, Phillips explores the disruptive—and sometimes vicious—behavior of shadowy online figures known as trolls. She argues that their behavior is actually not that far removed from mainstream culture, where sensationalism dominates the popular media, and the trolls’ actions reflect larger societal trends.

Building a Better Nest book
Building a Better Nest: Living Lightly at Home and in the World

(Oregon State University Press, 2015)
By Evelyn Searle Hess, BS ’66, MS ’86

A chronicle of the author’s adventures as she and her husband try to build a home in rural Lane County, Oregon, according to sustainable practices. While navigating the planning and construction, she seeks guidance from neuroscience, Buddhism, and her own family history. As writer Kathleen Dean Moore puts it, “She shows it is possible to walk in beauty, even on a muddy trail.”

A Man For All Seasons book
A Man For All Seasons: Monroe Sweetland and the Liberal Paradox

(Oregon State University Press, 2015)
By William G. Robbins, MA ’65, PhD ’69

This book offers a holistic portrait of a varied career that spanned seven decades of Oregon politics. Monroe Sweetland was instrumental in the resurgence of the state’s modern, liberal Democratic party, but his influence was also felt nationwide. He was a leader in the fight for the Bilingual Education Act, the age-18 vote, and the ratification of the 27th Amendment.

Mysteries of Love and Grief Book
Mysteries of Love and Grief: Reflections on a Plainswoman’s Life

(Texas Tech University Press, 2015)
By Sandra Scofield, MA ’77, PhD ’79

Scofield’s grandmother, Frieda Harms, was widowed at
age 30 during the Great Depression and worked as a farmer, railroad cook, millworker, and nurse while raising three children. Scofield struggles to understand Frieda’s legacy while also making sense of her family history, particularly the relationship between her grandmother and mother.

What can tunes and the tasty treats tell us about making good experiences better?

Thousands of Velella velella, jellyfish relatives, washed ashore on Oregon beaches in April, and now are littering beaches in New Zealand.

Alumnus Edgardo Simone is a successful composer and orchestrator of Hollywood blockbusters, including the Spider-Man and Men in Black franchises