Annette Buchanan

How an Emerald editor's gutsy decision to protect her sources frustrated authorities, rallied journalists, and helped change the law.

Revitalizing a language to save a culture from being lost in translation.

An enigmatic Oregonian, whose mysterious life and work continue to defy consensus.

"Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood."
—Daniel Burnham, architect (1846-1912)

The Dalai Lama filled the Matthew Knight Arena.

Robert Fogarty asks people to tell their stories—in very few words.

Diane Goeres-Gardner '71, MA '83, recounts the history of forced sterilization at Oregon State Hospital, and chronicles how beliefs about the practice changed over time.

Two talented math minds at UO tackle an abstract concept in "representation theory"

UO graduate student Hilarie Sorensen witnessed an emerging phenomenon along the Pacific Northwest coastline.

Early-warning systems give communities critical seconds or minutes before a quake hits

Meg Free