klamath river basin

A proposed agreement currently before Congress offers hope for a resolution to the contentious battles over water that have defined life in the Klamath River Basin for decades. The work of an unlikely pair of UO professors offers insight into a remarkably complex conundrum, with lives and livelihoods in the balance.

Through controversies, legal hassles, and fending off mascot rivals, we love our Duck.

With a nod to the past and an eye toward the future, Daniel Wu ’97 and Roger Lee ’72 are reshaping modern Asian cinema.

When Oregon’s United States Attorney Amanda Marshall ’92 was being considered for the job, the pundits didn’t give her a chance: too young, too inexperienced, too unknown. But underestimating the state’s appointed top prosecutor has always been a mistake.

In a unanimous vote, the State Board of Higher Education chooses the respected administrator and criminologist as Oregon’s seventeenth president.

Like the football team, the Oregon Marching Band leaves everything on the field, or Colorado Boulevard.

Forced to evacuate his family during Mali’s recent coup, a UO anthropologist reflects on the experience and the culture and community he loves.

Students in the Science & Memory program use multimedia storytelling techniques to turn the science of climate change into compelling narratives

A website called the Lyon Archive explores A.S. Lyon's life charted by students contributing to the digital archive

Sapeurs devote their lives to staying on the cutting edge of fashion