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2015 Oregon Quarterly Media Kit

For retail advertising information please contact:

Susan Crow, Advertising Director, Sagacity Media Inc. Susan Crow
Advertising Director
Sagacity Media Inc.

921 SW Washington Suite 750
Portland, Oregon 97205
T: 971-200-7024 Direct
T: 503-222-5144 ext. 160
C: 503.367.2678

2015 Oregon Quarterly Media Kit

For all UO clients/UO Licensed products/Non-Profit advertisers
and any other university business please contact:

Susan Thelen, Advertising DirectorSusan Thelen, Director of Advertising
Marketing and Brand Management
720 East 13th Avenue, Suite 303
Eugene OR 97401-3753
Telephone (541) 346-5046 • Fax (541) 346-6129 •

Photo: Four Oregon Quarterly covers from Volume 88

“I know that the health of our region is important to you, as it is to us here at the University of Oregon. Each year our university pumps more than $362 million in direct spending into our state’s economy. Our graduates—many of who work in your company—will help keep that economy healthy.

We are justly proud of Oregon Quarterly, which ranks by any measure among the finest and best read magazines in the Northwest.”

Dave Frohnmayer, President,
University of Oregon 1994-2009




Oregon Quarterly’s Mission
For the past ninety years, we have kept alumni connected to the University of Oregon by building and maintaining an ongoing relationship. We tell the university’s story in the broadest sense.

Editorial Philosophy
OQ explores Northwest culture, politics, economic issues, history, social trends, and other topics of interest to our intelligent and engaged readers. The magazine reflects the personality of Oregon’s flagship university: literate, thoughtful, accessible, fun, surprising, community-oriented, and trustworthy.

Every single quarter OQ brings…

  • The intellect of a university magazine and the spark of a regional magazine of ideas.

  • Stories that show the UO’s central roll in the intellectual, economic, cultural life of the state and the region.

  • Continuing education through thought-provoking articles and excerpts, highlighting substantive features with strong graphic components.

  • Journalistic articles, profiles, essays, news story, strong photography and illustrations, news briefs, classnotes, advertising.

2013 Publication Dates

Issue Space Close Date Material Close Date Mail Date
Spring (March) January 3 January 29 February 21
Summer (June) April 4 April 30 May 23
Autumn (August) July 3 July 30 August 22
Winter (November) October 3 October 29 November 21


Total Circulation

  • 95,000 printed quarterly and mailed directly to pre-qualified homes

  • 60,000 digital editions e-mailed (including international alumni)


Geographic Distribution

  • 87,500 throughout the I-5 corridor defined as Northern California, Oregon, and Southern Washington

  • 77,036 in Oregon. By county: Lane 23, 364; Multnomah (Portland) 21,689; Washington (Beaverton) 6,660. More information available, just ask.

Map: 100,000 copies delivered nationwide! The Pacific Northwest’s oldest and most widely distributed magazine offered at the LOWEST CPM

Click here for a PDF showing Oregon Quarterly’s national distribution

Complimentary Distribution

  • UO Eugene campus, UO in Portland, trustees, donors, board members, and state and regional office holders, Office of the President, Offices of Foundation & Development

  • UO graduating senior class members

  • UO Duck Store locations in Bend, Portland, Eugene

  • 60,000 pre-qualified recipients of email blast linking to our digital edition

Audience Demographics
100% college-educated influentials with 30% having post graduate degrees. They are high earners, loyal and influential consumers, who not only make their own buying decisions but also influence the purchases of others. They consistently rank magazines as their key source of news and information and find magazine advertising valuable. No other Northwest magazine’s demographics come close to our numbers. Our average reader is 49 years old (51% women and 49% men) and makes an average of $75,000 per year. Most retain strong ties to the UO, even decades after graduation, making OQ an invaluable part of their life.

Production Details

Ad Sizes

Ad size chart


  • Web offset printed. The interior sixty-four pages are printed on 50–pound Nature 10 recycled matte book paper and the 4–page cover is printed on 100–pound Nature 10 recycled matte book paper

  • Material specifications (SWOP standards apply)

  • Trim size: 8.8375" x 10.875"
  • Safety area: 0.25" all the way around

  • Bleed pages: 8.625" x 11" minimum
    [bleed specifications on other size units are available on request]

  • Screen: 175

  • Ink density: max. 300

The Fine Print

Categories of Print Ads Not Accepted
Nonprofit postal regulations prohibit Oregon Quarterly magazine from accepting any ads for credit cards, insurance of any kind, and travel packages. Call Susan for further clarification, (541) 346-5046.

Publisher’s Protective Clause
The publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement for any reason at any time, including that which has been published or accepted previously. Oregon Quarterly will accept no advertising that is racially or sexually discriminatory, nor advertising that is deceiving or fraudulent in nature. The phrase “paid advertisement” may be added to any copy that, in the publisher’s opinion, simulates editorial matter and might be misleading.

The publisher assumes no liability if, for any reason, it becomes necessary to omit an advertisement.

The advertiser and his agent agree to assume all liability for the content of ads printed, and must be fully authorized for use of the ad’s content, including, but not limited to, the names and pictures of people, testimonials, and any copyrighted or trademarked material.

Submission of advertising material constitutes agreement on the part of the advertiser and agent to indemnify and hold harmless the University of Oregon and Oregon Quarterly magazine against any resulting loss, liability, damage, and expense of whatever nature.

No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on contracts, orders, or copy instructions that conflict with the publisher’s policies or the regulations set forth in this rate card will be binding to the publisher.

Advertisement Approval
Oregon Quarterly requires evidence, within reason, of a product’s quality before new advertising is accepted. Product samples should be shipped to the advertising director for approval. The advertisement will not be considered accepted until both the product and the layout are approved.

All advertisements submitted for publication must be of professional quality (no laser output), even if an agency is not employed.

Please note that no classified, political, liquor, gambling, or tobacco ads will be accepted. For ad acceptance, advertisers and agencies must meet the requirements stipulated not only in this section, but also elsewhere in this rate card.

Insert or BRC Requirements
A sample of the insert or BRC must be submitted for approval ten days prior to publication. Postal regulations govern insert requirements; the publisher’s approval must be obtained before printing insert pieces. Any inserts resembling editorial matter must include the text “Paid Advertising Supplement to Oregon Quarterly” in 10-point type at the bottom of the front and back page. All prices apply to inserts weighing one ounce or less; heavier pieces will be billed per insertion. The earliest insert submissions receive top priority. Insert contracts can be combined with other contracts.

Insert Delivery
Delivery and charges associated with the inserts are the responsibility of the advertiser.

Boxes must be marked with the following information: Oregon Quarterly, advertiser’s name, date of insertion, and total boxes shipped (i.e., 1 of 10, 2 of 10, and so forth). Call for shipping address.

Use of University of Oregon Logos or Trademarks
All products and advertising containing licensed UO names or logos must be registered with the Office of Trademark Management, (541) 346-6035,

Payment, Rates, Contracts
All rates are net. No commission is given. Publisher holds both the advertiser and its designated agency responsible for paying all duly authorized advertising inserted in or attached to Oregon Quarterly. Payment is due on receipt of invoice net thirty days; 1.5 percent finance charge (18 percent APR) will be added to the unpaid balance of accounts due.

Cancellation after confirmation of ad space close date will result in client being billed for 100 percent of the cost of the confirmed ad space.

Rates and discounts are listed on this rate card. Frequency discounts are earned on the total number of insertions made within a one-year period (four issues). If, at the end of one year (four issues), an advertiser or agency has failed to fulfill the contract, the client will be subject to short-rate billing.

Advertisers will be protected for the duration of signed contracts that are in effect at the time rate changes are announced.


From Readers

Absolutely stupendous!  I was reading the Quarterly last night and find the electronic version outstanding as well as the paper version. Congratulations on another Oregon triumph.

Western Montana
Oregon Graduate MS ‘75 and PHD ‘85

Fabulous! The OQ is always a pleasure to read.  Oregon Quarterly keeps me up on some of what continues there--the place that has contributed so much to who I am and how I use that now as a bilingual ESOL teacher in Canby, Oregon.

Canby, Oregon
B.A. 1997, M.Ed. 2002

I am always happy to receive the issues that I get because I find the articles well written as well as interesting. You also help me maintain my connection with the university. Keep up the good work.

West Linn, Oregon

I eagerly read Oregon Quarterly virtually word for word. It, along with Smithsonian and National Geographic are, in no particular order, my favorite periodicals and the only ones to which I subscribe. The quality of your journalism is always thought provoking.

Bismarck. North Dakota

From Advertisers

“Advertising in the Oregon Quarterly maintains the Duck Store’s connection with students beyond graduation. It also provides our brand with the necessary reach outside of Oregon. We are extremely pleased with our partnership with this thriving publication.”

Alma Fumiko Hesus, Marketing Team Leader,
The Duck Store, Eugene, Oregon

As an employer with deep ties to the community, we value Oregon Quarterly for its role in helping brand our organization with UO graduates in the Portland metro area. We appreciate the educational experience, energy and passion that UO grads bring to their career search process. And incidentally, 20% of Boly:Welch employees are UO graduates!

Carie Strahorn, Director, Marcomm + Partnerships
Boly:Welch Recruiting, Portland, Oregon

Oregon Quarterly is one of the first additions I made to our marketing program. OQ provides direct contact with the ultimate segment of our target market and reaches a regional audience. Those unique qualities are what make OQ a valued part of our media mix.

Cathryn Stephens, Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Eugene Airport, City of Eugene

Oregon Quarterly has been a great addition to our media mix. We appreciate the quality of the publication and the connection to our deep Oregon and Northwest roots. We are proud to partner with this publication and the audience it has so well served.  

Julianna Sowash, Executive Director
Oregon Executive MBA, Portland, Oregon

The University’s office of marketing and brand management recommends to UO trademark licensees that they consider advertising their products and services in Oregon Quarterly magazine.  OQ offers a special advertising rate to UO licensees and it is the premier university publication that reaches Duck fans, both in Oregon and nationwide.

Matt Dyste, Director, marketing and brand management
University of Oregon

The School of Architecture and Allied Arts’ Portland programs take full advantage of the Oregon Quarterly’s impressive distribution in the Portland metro area to promote our exciting academic program at the White Stag Block.  With our limited advertising budget, we have found affordable access to our Portland constituency with Oregon Quarterly.  

Karen Johnson, assistant dean
School of Architecture and Allied Arts, University of Oregon

I want to take a moment to tell you what a nice complement Oregon Quarterly is to the marketing strategies of my clients on the Oregon coast. OQ’s reader demographics and regional coverage meet our media plans very well. Plus, the advertising is showcased in such strong and diverse editorial environment. Thank you for providing this highly targeted option.

Stephanie Schmitgall, President/Account Services & Media
Dodge, Schmitgall, Inc., Portland, Oregon

The Oregon Quarterly provides Brookdale Senior Living with the opportunity to have a quality relationship with an important Oregon audience. The OQ also looks for ways to add value to Brookdale’s advertising schedule that are beneficial and appreciated.

Richard F. Carter, Principal
California Marketing Group

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